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GPS Fleet Solutions is a leader in the distribution of GPS tracking, telematics and fleet management technology. Our mission is to learn the top fleet issues faced by our customers and then match them with a technology that will resolve those issues for the lowest investment. GPS Fleet Solutions was established in 2001 by a former Marine and a user of GPS tracking technology while employed with Orkin Pest Control. This unique perspective helps us understand what customers need, want and go through during the decision and implementation process. With a focus on mid to enterprise class B2B partnerships, GPS Fleet Solutions works with companies across the United States and Canada. Examples of enterprise class customers include Clark Pest Control with about 1,000 GPS tracking systems in California and the US Post Office with over 5,000 GPS devices in over 100 locations across the country. Although we have worked with many small fleet customers, over the years we have specialized on working with mid to large fleet operators. To support this focus we have implemented a few industry firsts, some of which are now main stream. 1.Online training resources to include extensive videos on everything from installation to application use. These are short and easy access resources that supplement our weekly webinar training and onsite training services. 2.Business analyst to help customers understand the potential return on investment before making a major investment. 3.Corporate trainer dedicated to helping customers through the deployment process, customize the GPS system for the client’s needs and to ensure employees are trained to use the GPS system after installation. Our team will go above and beyond the sale to insure your satisfaction with our products and services. Our goal is to improve your bottom line by making your fleet operations more efficient, productive, safe and risk-free. Many of our customers have an ROI in less than 90 days! One major advantage is that we have a complete line of fleet management systems which enables us to offer a consultative approach to the sales process. If we only sold one GPS system, our job would be to convince you it solved all your issues because we have no options. Instead we take enterprise class companies through a unique process called a Product Evaluation Process (PEP). Our account manager and business analyst explore your business to learn how it operates and where you may have opportunities for improvement (fleet, risk management, safety, maintenance, driver logs, human resources, etc). We then conduct a 30 to 60 evaluation where we generate statistics on fleet performance and apply an estimated value to likely areas of improvement. This process leads to a clear potential return on investment with our ongoing guidance.

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