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sureFleet is a complete record keeping tool allowing companies to enter maintenance, mileage, fueling, and equipment data using the Internet and then report on that data from the Internet at any time. sureFleet is a user-friendly record-keeping tool that allows companies to enter maintenance, mileage, fueling, and equipment data for their trucks and vehicles using the Internet. Using sureFleet, companies can enter all maintenance performed on their fleet, store all data, and maintain vehicle, and equipment lists. This information can then be analyzed with a variety of reports that allow companies to review their costs associated with each truck or vehicle as well as downtime, miles per gallon, operating costs per mile, and others. The sureFleet system includes a dashboard to to keep you up-to-date on a daily basis. sureFleet provides notification when services are due, plates are expiring, state or internal safety inspections are due, etc. sureFleet is specifically designed to help your business operations by providing better tracking and reporting on fleet repair costs, downtime, fuel mileages, and other daily maintenance costs. This type of valuable information allows users to control the cost of managing their fleet of vehicles.

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