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Applied Simulation Technologies, Inc. (AST) develops online, simulator-based, and custom driver training solutions for fleet, law enforcement, emergency response, teen, and commercial truck drivers. Our products have a proven transfer of training to provide immediate benefits in terms of improved driving behavior. AST's unique approach to driver training utilizes proven teaching techniques for online learning. Web-based simulation provides demonstration of real-world driving experiences that are not found in typical online courses. Interactive practice and challenges ensure that drivers really understand the best driving practices being taugh. Online Driver Training Products FleetDriver-101 was designed specifically for drivers of cars, pick-ups, vans, passenger and small utility vehicles and utilizes online driving simulation to increase student retention and expand a driver's situational awareness. With EVOC-101 Web, emergency response agencies have a cost-effective and convenient tool to prepare law enforcement and emergency response drivers for a simulator, test track, or the road. EVOC-101 Web has been show to improve driver performance scores and reduce accidents. Street Smarts 101 lessons supplement high school and private drivers education programs with a cost effective replacement for dated driving simulators.

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