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WIH Resource Group provides a wide range of consulting services for fleets including alternative fuels fleet conversion professional services and serves as a resource providing current Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) information and Client-specific analysis to those who are trying to increase their knowledge and understanding of CNG and fleet fueling conversions. WIH Resource Group is one of North America's leading transportation, alternative fuels, fleet management, refuse (waste) and recycling consulting firms dedicated to providing technical and financial analysis and support services for the Compressed Natural Gas fuel infrastructure markets. Our highly qualified staff has over 50 years of experience in alternative fuels (CNG and LNG) fleet conversions giving our Clients access to a depth of experience and capabilities that are unmatched in the industry and insure that we deliver innovative solutions for our Clients' alternative fuels fleet conversion projects. Our financial and technical expertise enables us to provide a full suite of professional services for your Compressed Natural Gas fueling project. WIH Resource Group, and its Teaming Partner experts, provide services from project conceptual analysis, financial analysis, feasibility studies, through the RFP / procurement process, design and construction phases to the development of maintenance and support programs. WIH Resource Group's extensive fleet, transportation, alternative fuels and waste industries experience ensures that your project will progress to a timely and successful conclusion. WIH Resource Group provides a combination of technical and financial analysis services dedicated to the Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) fuel infrastructure market for both the private sector and government agencies. We can assist you and your organization in achieving greater results in your operations, air emissions, fleet noise reduction and improving profits.

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