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P.O. Box 242
Clawson, MI 48017

Phone: (313) 444-4849
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LithFire-X is a new company dedicated to providing a "package" consisting of both training and equipment to enable vehicle service providers to safely deal with toxic fires occuring when hybrid/electric vehicle batteries ignite. The partners who founded LithFire-X, LLC, Ron Butler and Gerry Flood, realized that with their unique backgrounds and training, when joined as a team, could be an industry leader in providing the correct specific training and proper suppresion equipment to combat deadly fires in hybrid/electric vehicles. Their research showed that most dealers, fleet managers and facility managers had only minimal knowledge regarding these high temperature and highly toxic fires that could result from a failure in an electric vehicle. The (2) fires in the Chevy Volts occurred several days after an accident. Even "code mandated" fire equipment found in every commercial facility would have, at best, only minimal effect on a battery fire. Even worse, water breaks down into flammable hydrogen and oxygen in a 1500F lithium ion battery fire. LithFire-X, LLC provide the the training and equipment to mitigate disastrous fires.

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