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Company type: Remarketer , Suppliers

17311 Dallas Pkwy., Ste. 210
Dallas, TX 75248

Phone: (360) 953-8296

Description, Inc. (ACNG) provides Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) vehicle conversions and fueling stations across the United States. Using ACNG's proven bi-fuel system, commercial and government organizations can advantage of lower fuel prices currently at $2.00 or more per gallon. ACNG has a financing option for customers allowing them to convert their vehicles from diesel or gasoline to CNG without the expensive capital intensive up-front cash outlay otherwise required. The company has strategic partnerships in place with several other organizations to expand their network of vehicle conversion equipment and services and CNG fueling stations throughout the United States. ACNG plans to open 250 CNG fueling stations throughout the U.S. this year with and additional 500 stations to be online in 2013.

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