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Business owners and dispatch managers can virtually ride shotgun with every one of their drivers with this web-based platform and/or its native iPhone and Android mobile apps. Save hours of time with dozens of detailed reports that provide everything from driver behavior scorecards, to virtual timecards, to IFTA reports for audits, to ignition summary, engine hours, and periodic maintenance reports. SMS alerts can be setup to text you when something’s fishy. You can quickly draw a geofences around any important location and automatically record and report on all of assets entering or leaving each of the customized zones. ClearPath’s U.S. based customer service and support teams are 5-star rated on third-party review sites including Capterra and TrustPilot. Best of all, with ClearPathGPS, there’s no GPS tracking contract and you can suspend any vehicle anytime. (A great option for seasonal businesses or when vehicles need to go in for periodic maintenance.)

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